Dish Network Installation Requirements

By Andrea Drinkard

Before an installation appointment, determine the permitted installation locations.
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Dish Network is a leading provider of digital television services in the United States. It provides a wide variety of video and audio channels, pay-per-view and international programming as well as upgrade options, including a digital video recorder and Dish On Demand. Each customer receives standard installation by a trained professional.

Installation Appointment

An adult must be present during the appointment. Inform the representative of the number of televisions that will be hooked up as the appointment may require more time for multiple televisions. The installation includes a survey of the site, equipment assembly, system components grounding and equipment testing and programming. If the building needs additional jacks, you must tell the representative while scheduling the appointment.

Credit Card

In order to have the Dish Network satellite system installed in your home or business, you must provide a valid credit card number. Dish Network provides the satellite dish, receiver and remotes at little or no cost, and the installation fee can be paid at the installation appointment or added to the first bill. Therefore, the credit card is only used for contractual purposes. For example, if you default on the contract, the credit card will be charged for the outstanding fees on the account. Although Dish Network stores the credit card information, customer service representatives do not have access to it. Additionally, you are not required to enroll in automatic payments with this credit card.

Unobstructed Sky View

Dish Network service is only available in the United States. Because satellites are located over the equator below Texas, you must have an unobstructed view of the Southern sky from your home or office. If tall buildings or trees obstruct the view, they may prevent the satellite dish from receiving the signal from the satellites.

Satellite Placement

The technician can install the Dish Network satellite dish to an external wall or roof as well as on a stand on the ground. Because many homeowners associations, rental home owners and apartment complexes have guidelines on the placement of satellite dishes, it is necessary to determine where satellites are permitted prior to the installation appointment. If the satellite technician has to come back for another appointment, an additional installation fee may be charged. If necessary, the technician can install the dish inside the apartment. Renters must provide written permission from the landlord to the technician before the satellite system can be installed.