Dish Network DVR Tips & Tricks

By Scott Cornell

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Digital video recorders, or DVRs, allow people to record television and watch it back at their convenience. They work similarly to VCRs, except they don't require any external equipment: All recording and playing back is done from a hard drive installed inside the television utility box. Satellite television provider Dish Network is among the providers that offer DVR as part of service. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing a DVR and getting the most out of it.

Add More Memory

Dish Network DVRs are able to store up to 350 hours of standard definition programming and 55 hours of high-definition programming. Not enough storage space? Consider adding an external hard drive to complement the storage space in the television box. The company's ViP622 HD DVRs are equipped with an Ethernet port for USB 2.0 hard drives. According to the site, there's no limit to how many external hard drives can be attached.

Record While Watching

Have two shows on at the same time that you want to see? It's no problem with Dish Network DVRs. You can record one show on the one channel while watching the other show on the other channel, simultaneously, regardless of whether the channels are broadcast in high or standard definition. You can even choose to record both programs while watching one. Dish Network's DVRs feature dual tuners that allow this to happen.

Picture in Picture

Another option for users who want to watch two things at the same time is to use Dish Network's picture in picture function. Select the first channel that you want to watch, then hit the "PIP" button on the remote control. It will then prompt you to hit a "Swap" button to split the screen, then to select the other channel to be watched. Users can toggle the "Swap" button to select which screen shows up larger on the television.

Record in One Room, Watch in the Other

With DVRs from most cable companies, you can only watch the recorded programming on the box that you recorded the program on. However, Dish Network offers a DuoDVR. Fitting to the name, it comes with two DVR units. With it, you can watch recorded programs back on either television set equipped with the DuoDVR. For example, you can record a show on the television in the living room and watch it back on the unit in the bedroom if those are the two equipped with DuoDVRs.