Disc Burner Software for iTunes

By AlexandraH

If you are an iTunes user, you have the option to burn media files onto a CD or DVD. However, issues sometimes occur between iTunes and the computer's disc burning software.

Updating iTunes Program

Click on the option "Update software," if applicable. If no option pops up, navigate to the iTunes software website and redownload the iTunes program. Another possible solution is to download all updates from Apple's website.

Updating Computer

Use CD Diagnostics in iTunes for Windows to troubleshoot CD/DVD drive issues. Click on "My Computer." Right-click on "Device manager" or "Drivers." Select the option "Updated drivers." Determine whether more than one disc burning program resides on the computer. Having another disc burner may prevent the iTunes disc burner software from being read correctly. Delete any disc-burning programs from the computer. Set the iTunes disc burner as the primary burning program.


Ensure you have the most updated iTunes software installed. Outdated iTunes software may not be compatible with the disc burning software.