Disassembly Instructions for Altec Lansing (6 Steps)

By Naoma Serna

Altec Lansing is known for making high quality, computer sound systems that come at an affordable price. These systems consist of the sub-woofer and two satellite speakers. All the audio signal is generated through the sub-woofer. When the Altec Lansing systems start to fail, it is often less expensive to simply replace the speaker system. However, you may want to disassemble the speakers to check for wire disconnections, or to clean the speaker components.

Step 1

Remove the speaker power cord from the power outlet. Disconnect the speakers from the sub-woofer box.

Step 2

Turn the sub-woofer box over, so the bottom-side is facing upward. Unfasten the screws you see here with a Phillips screwdriver. Place all the screws in a small plastic container.

Step 3

Pull and slide the top off the sub-woofer. You need to pull the cover, as you slide it off.

Step 4

Inspect all the wiring that runs to the audio connections. Check for resistor or speaker blow outs. Clean with compressed air and electronic contact cleaner. Wait for the cleaner to dry, and reassemble the sub-woofer.

Step 5

Unscrew all the screws that are located on the sides and undersides of the small satellite speakers. Insert the flat edge of a precision flat-blade screwdriver along the speaker seam, and press upward to separate the plastic sides of the speakers. Check to make sure the wires are not broken, severed or burnt on the inside speaker assembly.

Step 6

Clean everything with compressed air and electronic contact cleaner. If parts are burnt or oxidized, you should replace the speaker system.