How to Disassemble a Gateway Computer Tower

by Ty Arthur

After you've had your Gateway desktop computer for a few years, you may find you want to upgrade the RAM for faster computing speeds or replace a part that is no longer functioning correctly. Gateway desktop towers can be disassembled on your desk or table at home without any specialized tools or training.

Step 1

Remove the power plug from the back of the Gateway desktop. Unplug all the cords from the monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and printer. Pick up the entire desktop tower and set it on its right side, with the left side facing up, toward you on a stable work surface.

Step 2

Unscrew the case screws on the top and bottom ends of the case's side panel. Push down slightly on the panel and then slide it off to the left so that you can see the internal components.

Step 3

Unplug the yellow SATA cables connected from all the drive bays to the motherboard and the power supply. Remove the screws holding the CD or DVD drive, the card slot drive and power supply into place. Slide them out of their drive bays. Unsnap the plastic covers holding the RAM modules into place and pull them out.

Step 4

Pull back the metal clamps holding the processor fan into place, and pull it out. Pull the processor out carefully to make sure you don't bend any pins.

Remove the screws holding the Ethernet networking card and any other expansion cards your Gateway model may have, such as a graphics or audio card. Pull the cards out and set them aside to finish disassembling the tower.


  • Check the manual that came with your Gateway computer before opening the case. Replacing any internal components may void your warranty.


  • Most models of Gateway computers have their motherboards soldered directly to the case, so the only way to remove it would be to use a desoldering iron or entirely break it. A few Gateway models use screwless cases. To open this type of case, simply pull out the plastic piece on the back of the case and slide the panel off.

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