Disadvantages of Windows PowerShell

By Luke Arthur

Windows PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration that is used by information technology professionals on a regular basis. Although it is developed by Microsoft and is widely available, it does have some potential drawbacks that IT professionals may not appreciate. If you are learning how to use the language, issues could arise at some point.


One of the potential disadvantages of using Windows PowerShell is that it is object-based. With most shells, you rely on text-based commands to get the job done when writing scripts. If you switch to Windows PowerShell from some other type of shell, you'll have to get used to a different way of thinking about things. This can be a problem that takes some time to get past for some users.

Security Risks

Another potential drawback of using Windows PowerShell is that it can create some potential security risks. Many IT professionals use it as a way to connect remotely to other computers and servers. When engaging in this process, PowerShell can leave some holes open for security breaches. This creates a potential for viruses, malware or other harmful programs to be installed in the server. If someone else who knows Windows PowerShell gets involved, it could cause problems.

Web Server

Another issue with Windows PowerShell is that it requires you to run a Web server on your server when utilizing remote functionality. This takes up additional space on a server. In many cases, companies will not want to take up more room and designate more resources to this on their own servers. If you are an IT professional working for a company, you may have to get approval from a higher-up before this is allowed.


Although Windows PowerShell does have some potential drawbacks, it also has a few advantages. For example, since it is developed by Microsoft, it is being integrated more and more into Microsoft products and services. Windows PowerShell is also versatile and easy to administrate once you learn the basics of the scripting language. It also gives you the ability to run specific commands that are designed to run only on local networks if you are using the remote connection function.