How to Disable a Yahoo Account & Create a New One

by Andrea Ruiz
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Regardless of how long you've had your Yahoo email address, there may come a time when you feel as though you need a fresh start with a new account. Fortunately, Yahoo makes it just as easy to delete your old account as make a new one. But if you have a list of contacts you'd like to preserve, you can also quickly download the list to upload to your new Yahoo account once you've registered it. In this way, you get the fresh start you're looking for without having to build your contact list manually or from scratch.

Disabling your Old Account

Step 1

Sign in to the Yahoo account you want to disable.

Step 2

Export all of your contacts, if desired, by visiting Yahoo Mail, clicking the "Contacts" tab and then clicking the "Actions" button. Select "Export All" from the drop-down menu. Then, click "Export All" next to "Yahoo! CSV" and save the file to your computer's desktop.

Step 3

Cancel any premium services you have associated with your Yahoo account, such as a premium email account. Yahoo's terms of service don't guarantee that you won't be billed after you've canceled your account, and you won't be able to cancel the services once you disable the account.

Step 4

Visit the "Account Termination" page (link in Resources). Yahoo may prompt you to log in again.

Step 5

Read the terms of termination and confirm that you wish to delete your account by entering your password in the blank field, as well as the CAPTCHA code.

Click the "Terminate This Account" button under "YES."

Create New Account

Step 1

Visit the Yahoo homepage and hover your cursor over the "Sign In" link in the top menu.

Step 2

Click the "Sign Up" link next to "New Here?" in the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Fill out the registration form, including your name, date of birth, gender, country, language, postal code, and desired new Yahoo ID and password. Also enter an alternate email address and mobile number, if desired.

Step 4

Select and answer two security questions, enter the CAPTCHA code and then click "Done."

Step 5

Click the "Get Started" button to be redirected to the Yahoo homepage. Your account remains logged in, and you can begin interacting with other Yahoo services with your new account.

Import your old contacts to your new mail account by clicking the "Mail" icon in the upper right corner, then the "Contacts" tab. Click "Import Contacts," select "From File" and then click "Choose File" to browse your hard drive for the downloaded CSV from your old account. Double-click the file and click "Upload" to finish importing all your contacts to your new account.


  • A deleted Yahoo account is permanently deleted from the Yahoo servers. You can't undelete it or retrieve any data associated with or stored in the account once you agree to terminate it.


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