How to Disable the Windows 7 Wi-Fi Manager

By James T Wood

Wireless networks allow mobile computing on laptops
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Windows 7 has an automatic configuration utility to manage wireless networks that is, by default, switched on. If you want to use a third-party Wi-Fi configuration application, you can switch off the Windows wireless local area network configuration service on a per-adapter basis. That means that the auto configuration service will continue to run, but will not apply to the adapter you specify so that the third-party software won't conflict with the Windows software.

Step 1

Close the third-party program you want to use to manage your wireless networks. You will re-open it as soon as you've disabled the Windows 7 Wi-Fi manager. Note that if you do not have another Internet connection, you will lose your signal after you disable the Windows Wi-Fi manager and before you re-open the third party application.

Step 2

Press the Windows Key, type "cmd" and press "Enter." The Windows command prompt opens.

Step 3

Type "netsh wlan show settings" to see the settings for wireless adapters on your system. A list displays with options and whether or not they are enabled. The last item on the list indicates whether auto configuration is enabled or not and the name of the interface in quotation marks. For example it might read: Auto configuration logic is enabled on interface "Wireless Network Connection."

Step 4

Type the following to disable the auto configuration: set autoconfig enabled=no interface="Wireless Network Connection"

Press "Enter." Note that you must have the name of the interface in quotation marks and it must match the interface listed.

Step 5

Re-open the third-party configuration software to manage your wireless networks. Note thatyou may need to re-enter the pass codes for your W-iFi networks since they are stored in the configuration software.