How to Disable a WiFi Whitelist Check

By Michael Wallace

Whereas some laptops come with standard Wi-Fi cards, your Lenovo laptop comes with a miniPCI card already installed in the computer. This is the card that allows you to access the Internet wirelessly. When you start up the computer, the BIOS screen runs a "whitelist" check to make sure the pre-installed PCI card is in the slot. If you want to disable this check in order to use a different card in the laptop, you can do so in the BIOS screen.

Turn on your computer and press "F1" to enter the BIOS screen.

Use the arrow or "Tab" keys to scroll to the "Select the "Deactivate LAN Card" option and select it. This disables the wireless card during startup, so the computer won't perform a whitelist check.

Reboot the system; it starts up without the whitelist check.