How to Disable the Wi-Fi Protected Setup for Linksys

By KR Knowlin

Setting up a password for your Linksys wireless router keeps unauthorized users from accessing your network and helps protect computers on the network against unwelcome entry. WPA and WEP are modes of security that help protect your Linksys router from unauthorized access. These security options are not mandatory and you can disable the Wi-Fi protection at any time. Disabling your Linksys security allows anyone to log on to your network without a password.

Step 1

Open a Web browser and go to "" by typing it into the address bar.

Step 2

Enter your router login information into the login dialogue window that opens. By default, the username and password are set to "admin." The Linksys interface loads.

Step 3

Click the "Wireless" tab.

Step 4

Select the "Wireless Security" option.

Step 5

Click the drop-down arrow next to "Security Mode." A drop-down list of security options appears.

Step 6

Select "Disabled" from the list.

Click the "Save Settings" button toward the bottom of the page.