How to Disable VW Golf Radio Codes

By Mark Slingo

Radio codes are a common antitheft device on factory radios.
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The VW Golf radio will lock if it becomes disconnected from the vehicle or if the car battery runs flat. The radio requires a code to be entered to disable the antitheft device (so only the owner can unlock the radio if it becomes disconnected). The code is available with the original vehicle paperwork or can be obtained from your nearest Volkswagen dealer.

Check through your vehicle paperwork to try and locate the unlock code. It is found on a credit-card-sized document and is four digits long.

If you cannot find it in the vehicle paperwork, contact a VW dealer. Give the registration number of your VW Golf. You might also be required to provide identification and proof of ownership. The dealer will look up your unlock code in the Volkswagen database.

Turn on the radio. The message "SAFE" will be displayed. Hold the "MODE" and "SCAN" buttons. "0001" will be displayed on the screen. Use the number buttons to enter the correct unlock code for your radio. Hold the "MODE" and "SCAN" buttons for three seconds. A beep will indicate that the radio unlock code has been disabled.