How to Disable Tumblr & Facebook Integration

By Nick Peers

Share posts on Tumblr with Facebook to save time.
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If you link your Tumblr blog to your Facebook account, your Tumblr posts, likes and asks are posted on your Timeline. To prevent Tumblr from posting automatically, you can uncheck the "Share posts on your Timeline," "Share likes on your Timeline" and "Share replies and answers on your Timeline" boxes in the Facebook section of the Tumblr Settings page. To completely disable the Tumblr and Facebook integration, you need to unlink the two accounts.

Step 1

Log in to your Facebook account, click the gear icon and choose "Account Settings" from the menu to navigate to the General Account Settings page.

Step 2

Click "Apps" in the left navigation pane to view all apps installed on your Facebook account. The Tumblr app is responsible for posting your Tumblr content on your Facebook Timeline.

Step 3

Click the "X" icon at the right of the Tumblr app. Check the "Delete all your Tumblr activity on Facebook" box if you want to remove all Tumblr activity from the Timeline.

Step 4

Click "Remove" if you are certain you want to unlink the Facebook and Tumblr accounts. The app disappears from the list and Tumblr is no longer able to post content on your Timeline.