How to Disable a Touchpad on a Laptop

By Ryan Casima

The touchpad of a laptop is very sensitive.
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The touchpad of a laptop is a very convenient and useful navigation tool. However, certain people, especially typists, may become annoyed by the touchpad because it redirects the cursor to another part of the screen at the slightest touch. If you have a mouse, then you might not find a need for using the touchpad and disable it as well. No matter your situation, you can disable the touchpad in a few simple steps.

Click "Start" and double-click "Control Panel." Change the view to "Classic View" by clicking the "Classic View" view link in the left sidebar. If your Control Panel is already in "Classic View," you do not need to change it. If you do not know what the classic view looks like, visit the site listed in the "Resources" section for a picture of the classic view.

Double-click the mouse icon and open the "Device Settings" tab.

Select the touchpad in the list that appears in the "Device Settings" tab. Click on the "Disable" button to disable the touchpad. Now, click "Apply" to save the settings. Your touchpad is now disabled.