How to Disable TomTom Safety Locks

By Stephanie Breaux

In-dash GPS systems sometimes use DVDs to provide their map data.
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Your TomTom device has a "safety lock" feature that disables menu options you don’t need while you are driving. If this option is selected, you can only access a limited number of options from the main menu when your vehicle is operating. In addition, having this option enabled will cause the TomTom to display important reminders as you drive, such as warnings when you exceed the speed limit. If you want to turn off the safety lock function for any reason, you can easily do so through the TomTom's menu system.

Step 1

Turn on your TomTom device by pressing the power button. If the device is already on, skip this step.

Step 2

Press the "Change Preferences" icon, which is located on the main menu.

Step 3

Press the "Safety Preferences" icon in the Change Preferences menu. Tapping on this icon disables the safety lock feature.