How to Disable Text Messages on Cell Phones

By Melly Parker

Some services let you limit messages on phones belonging to other family members.
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The method you use to block text messages on your mobile phone varies depending on which mobile service provider you use. Some services have ways to block all text messages, while others can only block spam messages or texts sent from specified numbers. If you have trouble turning off messaging on your mobile, contact your carrier for assistance.

Sprint Cell Phones

You can block all incoming text messages on Sprint by signing in to your account on Once you're in, click "My Preferences" and then click "Block texts" under the Limits and Permissions heading. Choose from blocking all incoming texts, all outgoing texts, both incoming and outgoing texts, or texts from a specific number. When you're done, click "Save." Once your phone has been turned off and back on, the new settings will go into effect.

Verizon Cell Phones

Verizon has controls that you can use to block five numbers from sending you text messages or phone calls. You can add a number to your account under the Family & Safeguards options on your Verizon account. If you want to block incoming and outgoing text messages from a device on your Verizon plan, call customer service by dialing 611 on your Verizon phone and ask them to disable both incoming and outgoing text messages.

AT&T Cell Phones

AT&T doesn't disable all incoming and outgoing text messages, but you can still block specific numbers and report text spam. To report a spam text message, forward the message to "7726" so that AT&T can explore the situation. To block up to 30 numbers from sending you messages, go online to the AT&T site or call AT&T to sign up for Smart Limits. The Smart Limits service, which adds an extra fee to your account, not only lets you block numbers, but also has a feature that lets you set a limit on how many texts can be sent or received.

T-Mobile Cell Phones

T-Mobile offers a message blocking service that will restrict all outgoing and most incoming text messages. Certain types of messages, like emergency alerts, email sent to your T-Mobile email address and download messages will still appear on your phone. Activate message blocking by contacting T-Mobile. You can also add Family Allowances to your T-Mobile plan to restrict certain numbers from texting or calling phones on your plan. The parent line on the account manages allowances for the rest of the phones on the plan. To add either type of text blocking to your plan, contact T-Mobile Customer Care (link in Resources).