How to Disable Tabbed Browsing

by Gregory Hamel

Internet, or Web, browsers are computer programs that allow users to access websites. Tabbed browsing is a feature on some Web browsers where new browser pages can be opened within the current browser window to a new tab, rather than an entirely new browser window. Tabbed browsing can be an efficient way to surf the Web, but in some cases, tabs might interfere with the browsing tasks you are trying to accomplish. Some Web browsers include tabs as a built-in feature that cannot be disabled, but Internet Explorer, the standard browser on Windows PCs, allows users to disable tabbed browsing.

Open Internet Explorer.

Click on "Tools" and then on "Internet Options."

Click on the "General" tab and then click on "Settings" under "Tabs."

Uncheck the "Enable Tabbed Browsing" box, click on "OK," close Internet Explorer and then open the program again. Tabs will be disabled.


  • check Even if you use a program that does not allow you to disable tabs, you can usually right click a particular Web link and choose "Open in a New Window" to open the link an entirely new browser window, rather than a new tab.

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