How to Disable Start Up Programs

by Robert Fergeson

If your computer takes too long to get up and running after you turn it on, there could be too many programs loading at the start-up point. Some of these could have been added by the manufacturer or bundled with other software. These programs take up memory, computing power and slow down your overall performance. There are two quick and easy methods for finding what programs are actually loading when you turn on your computer, allowing you to disable the programs you don't need and saving time and computing power.

Check Windows Startup Folders


Look in your Startup Folder. Click \"Start\", then \"All Programs\" and open the \"Startup\" folder. The shortcuts shown lead to programs that load automatically at startup. Decide which ones you wish to delete.


Now use Windows Explorer to go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.


Right click on the programs you don't need and then click delete. This will eliminate the program from starting automatically when you turn on your computer, but will not remove or uninstall it from your machine.

System Configuration Utility


The System Configuration Utility, or MSCONFIG, will show you all the programs running at start-up, even ones that are hidden and can't be found by the above method. Click \"Start\", then \"Run\" and type \"msconfig\" in the box. Click \"OK\".


When the System Configuration window opens, click the \"Startup\" tab. A list of all start-up programs available will be seen, with checks showing which ones are active. Simply uncheck the boxes you wish to disable. If you're not sure which of these programs youl want to keep active, you can always come back and recheck the box.


When Windows starts again, you will see a screen reminding you that the startup program has been altered. Check OK to get rid of the prompt.


  • check Check the Taskbar, the bar to the lower right on your screen, for icons of running programs. If you don't need any of these loading at start-up, you can find them in the Startup menu or Systems Configuration Utility and disable them.


  • close Never uncheck startup programs for your anti-virus software, and leave all ScanRegistry and SystemTray items.

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