How to Disable Silverlight Popups

By Jennifer Habersham

According to the Microsoft website, "Silverlight is a powerful development platform for creating engaging, interactive applications for the Web, desktop and mobile devices." It is similar to Adobe. Silverlight is free and works with several different Web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. Although Silverlight offers its users many advantages, the one disadvantage of downloading the application is the annoying pop-up ad. Even as an active user of Silverlight, you can expect to see the pop-up throughout your time surfing the Internet.

Download and install adblock software. Many Web browsers provide free adblock extensions. To find the adblock extension, visit your Web browser's website. There you might find free adblock extensions or add-ons. Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer all offer free adblock software. If your Web browser does not provide fee ad lock, it can be downloaded or purchased from most electronic stores.

Visit a website where you usually find the Silverlight pop-up. The Microsoft website is a perfect example.

Click on the ad block button, which should be located on your toolbar, once the Silverlight pop-up appears.

Type "Silverlight" into the search bar and click "OK." Once the "silverlight.js" script appears, right-click it and select "Block this item."

Click "Custom" once the new adblock dialog box appears (this will happen immediately). Type "*silverlight.js" into the command bar and click on "OK." Silverlight pop-ups will be disabled on any website you visit.