How to Disable a Print Screen on a Website

By Kayla Lowe

The print-screen function is the button on a computer that allows you to capture a screenshot of the website or application that you're currently viewing. Then you can paste that screenshot into another application and save it as a file. If you are the owner of a website, though, you might not want people being able to copy the data on your website in a screen shot. If not, you can simply disable the print-screen function for visitors.

Navigate to and download the "" source code. Once you download the file to your computer, double-click on it and then click "Extract all files" to extract the files from the compressed folder.

Launch your word-processing program. Notepad works fine.

Click "File." Click "Open." Click on the "disable_print_screen.html" code from where you saved the extracted files. Click "Open."

Click "Edit" and then "Select All." Right-click the selected text and click "Copy."

Open the HTML document for which you would like to disable the print screen ability. Paste the code anywhere between the head tags ( and ) of the document. Save the document. The print screen is now disabled in the document when it's uploaded to the Web.