How to Disable People From Commenting on Your Photos on Facebook

By Avery Martin

You don't have to hide from unwanted content.
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Facebook provides privacy controls that allow you to configure the way people interact with you. If you want to prevent others from commenting on your photos, you can use the Audience Selector tool to control what they can see on your profile. You must block someone completely from seeing your albums to prevent commenting. Facebook only allows you to control photos you post.

Step 1

Click the "Photos" link on your Facebook profile.

Step 2

Select the "Albums" link and click on the thumbnail for the album you want to restrict.

Step 3

Click the audience selector icon that corresponds to your album. The audience selector icon may look like a lock, a pair of people, the world or a gear depending on your current privacy settings. If you want to edit a Timeline or mobile upload photo, you must click on the photo first to open it before you can change the audience.

Select "Public," "Friends," "Friends Except Acquaintances," "Only Me" or "Custom." If you select Custom, choose an option from the drop-down menu and identify the individuals you want to block from seeing and commenting on your posts.