How to Disable the Administrator Password on a Dell Latitude in BIOS

By Brian Hartman

Removing the password from your BIOS is a relatively simple procedure.
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The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) in your Dell Latitude is a set of start up procedures that reside on a freestanding chip in the computer. The BIOS starts up the various pieces of the Latitude's hardware, before passing control over to its operating system.

Step 1

Reboot the computer. Repeatedly tap "F2" when the Dell logo appears. If you wait too long before pressing "F2," Windows will launch. Should this happen, wait until the computer is fully booted, and then reboot the computer to try again.

Step 2

Use the "Down" arrow to go to the "Security" menu.

Step 3

Type the "Admin" password in the first field.

Step 4

In the next field, hit "Enter" to leave the password blank.