How to Disable OpenOffice Quickstarter

by Matt Skaggs
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By default, the OpenOffice Quickstarter file runs when Windows starts up, but you can disable this feature from any OpenOffice program using the Tools menu. To speed the launch of OpenOffice programs, Quickstarter uses memory even when all OpenOffice programs are closed. So, while disabling Quickstarter frees up memory, this may cause some OpenOffice programs to take longer to load.

Disabling the Quickstarter

In any of the OpenOffice programs, such as Writer, Calc or Draw, click the "Tools" drop-down menu and select "Options." In the OpenOffice category, click the "Memory" feature, and then click the box next to "Load OpenOffice during system start-up" to remove the check mark. Click "OK" to finish.

Manually Closing the Quickstarter

The Quickstarter application will no longer run automatically after you restart your computer, though it will remain open until you restart your system. You can manually close it before restarting your system by right-clicking it in the system tray and selecting "Exit Quickstarter."


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