How To Disable the Moon Key on the Logitech Keyboard

By Casey Anderson

Press the Scroll Lock key to toggle Scroll Lock in Excel.
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On your Logitech keyboard, you may notice a key with a moon icon on it. The moon key is a shortcut key that will put your computer into "sleep" or hibernation mode. While this can be useful, you may wish to disable the key, especially if accidentally hitting it could result in a disruption of your computer work.

Step 1

Click Start, click "Control Panel" and choose "Hardware and Sound" from the list of options.

Step 2

Click "Choose what the power buttons do" under "Power Options."

Step 3

Choose the option "Do Nothing" from the drop-down list next to "When I press the sleep button." Click "Save Changes."

Step 4

Test the button by pressing it to ensure that your computer will not enter sleep mode.