How to Disable an Ink Cartridge Chip

By Steven Symes

The ink cartridge chip can be disabled, allowing the use of refilled cartridges.
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Some printer manufacturers place an ink cartridge chip in the printer. These chips interact with the printer software on the computer, helping to monitor the printer's use of ink. The software then calculates how much ink is left, which is displayed in the ink level gauge on the computer or sometimes the printer's display screen. If you have purchased refilled ink cartridges, they will not work in the printer until the ink cartridge chip or ink monitor is disabled.

Ink Chip Resetting

Place the refilled ink cartridge into the ink chip re-setter. Make sure the chip on the underside of the ink cartridge is pressed against the resetting pins. It is important this connection is established for the re-setter to function properly.

Wait until the ink chip re-setter is done. Most re-setters will have a light that flashes when the process is over.

Install the ink cartridge in the printer and use as normal.

Disable the Ink Monitor

Insert the refilled cartridge into the printer, making sure it clicks into place.

Wait for the printer's ink monitor to come up with an error message. The message will probably say something about the risks of using an ink cartridge that was once empty.

Click on the yes button, indicating that you want to use the refilled ink cartridge. Most printer software will ask the question a second time.

Use the printer as normal. The ink monitor has been disabled enabling you to use the refilled cartridge without problems.