How to Disable an HP Digital Imaging Monitor

By Kefa Olang

Use Task Manager to disable startup applications.
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The HP Digital Imaging Monitor is an application that comes with the printing software for select HP printers. It is installed automatically in the computer's startup folder and launches automatically when you start your computer. Since it takes up memory, you may want to disable it at startup if you don't use the app very often. Even if it's not loaded at startup you can still launch the app any time you need it.

Step 1

Swipe the cursor upwards from the bottom right corner of the Windows 8.1 start screen or desktop. Click the "Search" option.

Step 2

Type "task manager" in the Search field and select the "Task Manager" app.

Step 3

Click the "Startup" tab. This shows you a list of the apps that launch automatically when you start your computer.

Step 4

Scroll through the list of startup programs and click the "HP Digital Monitor" app. It may be listed as "hpqtra08.exe."

Step 5

Click "Disable" to remove the HP Digital Monitor app. The next time you restart your computer, it will no longer open automatically.