How to Disable Your Facebook for a Little While

By Melissa King

Deactivate your Facebook account if you're not using it.
i George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

With so many apps, activities and ways to connect with friends, Facebook offers you an almost endless stream of entertainment. Despite these perks, so much socializing can eventually tire you out. If you want to give yourself a break, Facebook's deactivation tool allows you to temporarily disable your profile. After deactivation, your timeline and other information about you will disappear from Facebook. All your content will reappear once you reactivate your account.

Step 1

Go to Facebook, then enter your email address and password. Click "Log In."

Step 2

Click the "Account" gear icon, then click "Account Settings."

Step 3

Click on "Security," then click "Deactivate Your Account" near the bottom of the Security Settings page.

Step 4

Select the reason for the deactivation, such as "This is temporary. I'll be back."

Step 5

Click the check box next to "Opt out of receiving future emails from Facebook" if you don't want to receive Facebook emails after deactivation. If you don't opt out, you will still receive event and group invitations from your friends.

Step 6

Click "Confirm" to deactivate the account.