How to Disable DVI Power Save Mode

By Anthony Smith

Some Dell monitors are known to have DVI Power Save Mode problems.
i Monitor image by Caila from

Some computer users with Dell monitors that have an nVidia-based video card have complained about the monitor repeatedly entering DVI Power Save mode, interrupting their work and then remaining in the power save state. This can be at the least inconvenient and annoying, and can even bring your work to a screeching halt. There is a method for disabling the DVI Power Save problem and returning your system to normal.

Call Dell technical support at 800-624-9896 and request a DVI recover file driver, explaining that you are experiencing problems with your monitor repeatedly entering power save mode. The technician will either email you the driver or provide a URL for a download link. Download the file and take note of its location. It will contain a file called "DVI_Recover_CDIMAGE.iso."

Place a blank recordable CD into your computer's CD drive, and burn the "DVI_Recover_CDIMAGE.iso" file to the CD.

Connect the monitor to the VGA port on your computer with the VGA cable that was provided with the monitor when you purchased it.

Download and install the nVidia ForceWare drivers (see Resources below). Make sure the CD you burned earlier is inserted into the CD drive.

Shut down the computer. Remove the power cables from the monitor and the computer. Remove the VGA cable, and connect the monitor to the computer using the DVI cable.

Press the power button on the monitor and then the computer while they are unplugged from their power cords to drain any power left in them. Connect the power cables again and start up the computer. The computer will boot to the CD. Leave the computer undisturbed for at least a period of one minute, remove the CD, and then shut down the system again.

Turn on the system and test the DVI connection. You should have stopped the DVI Power Save Mode problem. If not, repeat Step 6. Sometimes it is necessary to do this 2 or 3 times to remedy the issue.