How to Disable a Dell Latitude Touchpad Mouse

By Michelle Carvo

Updated September 18, 2017

Disable your touchpad mouse to prevent typing errors.
i Siri Stafford/Lifesize/Getty Images

Although it is meant to make using your Dell Latitude laptop easier, the touchpad may get in the way while you are typing and may even cause typing errors. If you choose to use a USB mouse instead of the touchpad or are just annoyed by the mouse cursor movement while typing, you can easily disable the Dell Latitude’s touchpad using one of two options.

Disable With Dell Latitude Function Keys

Most Dell Latitude laptops allow you to temporarily disable the touchpad by using a combination of function keys. Press the “Fn” and “F5” keys together to turn off your touchpad on many models. Models that do not use this combination of keys may instead use the “Fn” key along with another “F” key – look for the “F” key with a small square and two smaller squares within it. Press “Fn” and that “F” key together to disable or enable the touchpad.

Touchpad Disable In Windows 8/10

Disable your Latitude’s touchpad by pressing the “Windows” and “Q” keys together to open the Windows search box. Type “Touchpad” into the search box and press “Enter” to open the “Mouse & touchpad settings” program. Click the “Touchpad On/Off” option to toggle it on or off.

If this toggle is not currently visible, click “Additional Mouse Options” and then the “Dell Touchpad” tab. Click the picture of the touchpad, then "Touchpad On/Off,” followed by the “Save” button to either enable or disable the touchpad.

Touchpad Disable In Windows 7

Latitudes without a built-in touchpad function key can still have the touchpad temporarily or permanently disabled using Dell’s touchpad software on Windows 7. Click the “Windows” key and type “main.cpl” in the search box, then press “Enter” to open the Dell software. Click the “Dell Touchpad” tab in the program, then the touchpad picture in the program to select it. Click the on/off toggle to disable or re-enable the touchpad, then click “Save.” If this toggle is not visible, enable it by clicking the “Device Select” tab and then the Touchpad toggle to enable or disable the touchpad.

Latitudes With Both Function Keys and Software

Some Latitudes may have both the touchpad on/off key and the touchpad software. If your Latitude has both, use either option to disable the touchpad. Note that the software option is considered more permanent as it will stay disabled until you go into the software to enable it again. On the other hand, disabling a touchpad with the function keys may work only until the computer is restarted. If you want your touchpad to stay disabled, choose the software option.