How to Disable Call Waiting on a Cell Phone

By Kenyonda Bradley

Disabling call waiting on your cell phone will allow you to talk on the phone without interruptions.
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The call-waiting feature on a phone allows you to answer another call while you're on the line with someone else. The original call is placed on hold, while the new incoming call is answered. This is feature is prominent on many cell phones, and it makes it easier not to miss important calls. Although call waiting is a useful feature, there may come a time when you do not want to have call waiting active. For example, if you are expecting an important call and do not want to be interrupted, you may decide to disable the call-waiting feature on your cell phone.

Before a Call

Press the "*" button followed by "70" to disable call waiting before placing a call.

Press the "Send" button to start the call. When prompted, enter the telephone number that you want to call.

Press the "End" key when you are finished with the call to reactivate the call-waiting feature.


Access the "Settings" or "Options" menu from your device. Depending upon the model of your phone, the icon may be present on your home screen or within the Applications folder.

Select the "Phone" option followed by "Call Waiting." If you do not have this option, press the"Menu" button followed by "Change Options" and then "Call Waiting."

Select the "Off" option from the call-waiting menu to disable the call-waiting feature. To enable call waiting, follow the same steps and select "On."