How to Disable Call Blocking

By Jason Candanedo

If you want people to see your private information when you place calls, you can disable the caller ID blocking feature.
i Kathrin Ziegler/Photodisc/Getty Images

Caller ID is a feature on cell and landline phones, which prevents your personal information from being displayed on the phone you are calling. This feature is strictly for privacy reasons, as you want no one to know of your whereabouts or who you are. Your name and phone number appear on the caller ID feature on the phone that you are calling, if it is equipped with this feature. If you want your private information to appear on the phone you call, you can disable the caller ID blocking on both a landline and a cell phone.

Landline Phone

Pick up the handset of the phone and dial the numeral "*82" on the phone keys.

Listen for a special tone, which sounds like two quick beeps.

Dial up the number you want to call. Afterwards, just wait for someone to answer your call.

Hang up after you have completed your conversation.

Cell Phones

Dial the numeral "*82" on your phone, in addition to the 10-digit number of the person you are calling.

Press the "Call" or "Send" key on your phone and for someone to answer the call.

Press the "End" key to terminate the call at the end of the conversation.