How to Disable an ATI Overdrive

By Roger Mock

ATI Overdrive is a technology used with ATI Video cards to overclock and adjust performance speeds. The setting, which is part of ATI's Catalyst Control Center, enables users to tune settings such as clock and fan speeds. As Overdrive pushes the limits of video cards, it can cause issues if used improperly. The option can be disabled in the Catalyst Control Center.

Step 1

Click "Start."

Step 2

Type "Catalyst Control Center" into the search bar. Hit "Enter."

Step 3

Click the "Performance" tab. Select "AMD Overdrive."

Step 4

Click the padlock button above the grayed out Overdrive settings. This will unlock the options.

Step 5

Uncheck the box labeled "Enable AMD Overdrive."

Click "Apply" to save the change.