How to Disable the Asus Touchpad

by Chad Anderson

Most Asus laptops come with a function key for disabling and enabling the touchpad. You can hold down the "Fn" button and then press the key (usually "F3" or "F9") to turn the device on or off. If your notebook does not have an easy way to disable the touchpad then the only way to actually disable the mouse is through the Microsoft Windows Device Manager or through the Mouse settings in the Control Panel.

Changing Mouse Settings


Click the "Start" button and then click "Control Panel."


Double-click the "Mouse" link below the "Hardware and Sound" icon and then click the "Hardware" tab.


Change the mouse setting to "Disabled" then click the "Ok" button to save your settings and exit.

Changing Device Manager Settings


Click the "Start" button and then click "Control Panel."


Double-click the "System and Security" link and then the "Device Manager" link.


Scroll down to the "Mice and Other Devices" section and then click the "+" to expand the menu.


Right-click your mouse and then click the "Disable" option in the context menu.


Click "Ok" to save your settings and exit the menu.


  • check Reverse the steps in either section to re-enable the touch pad.

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