How to Disable Alerts on an IPhone

by Andrew Tennyson

Should you grow tired of all the alerts emitting from your iPhone, you can disable them. Changes to the way your iPhone handles these notifications are made via the Settings app. From the Settings app, you can customize how notifications are handled on an app-by-app basis. Information in this article applies to iPhones running the iOS 7.1 operating system.

Disable Alerts

To disable alerts on your iPhone, start by tapping the "Settings" icon on the home screen to launch the Settings app. From there, scroll down and tap "Notification Center." Scroll down to the app whose notifications you want to disable. For example, to disable alerts for the Messages text-messaging app, tap "Messages" to load its alerts configuration panel. Tap the "None" icon located under the Alert Style heading to disable all visual notifications. Tap the "Alert Sound" field and select "None" to disable all audio notifications. With both of these options set to None, you have disabled all audio and visual alerts for the Messages app. Tap "Back" and then repeat this process for each app whose alerts you want to disable.

Disable Notification Center and Lock Screen Alerts

Certain apps also display alerts in locations such as the Notification Center and Lock Screen. If the app whose notifications you're disabling has this functionality, you can also disable these notifications via the Settings app. Open the Settings app, tap "Notification Center," tap the name of the app and then toggle the "Show in Notification Center," "Show on Lock Screen" and "Show Preview" fields to the Off position.

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