DirecTV Dish Pointing Instructions

by Jayzee A

DirecTV is a popular home satellite television service offering more than 160 high definition channels. In addition, DirecTV also offers 3D television, interactive channels, and the ability to record shows using a DVR. One of the most important pieces of equipment needed to run your DirecTV service is the satellite dish. The satellite dish is placed outside of your house, where it can pick up satellite signals. In order for your satellite dish to pick up signals, it must be positioned properly. Luckily, this is relatively easy and can be done yourself.

Visit the Dish Pointer webpage on the DirecTV website.

Scroll down and enter your zip code. Click enter. You will be given coordinates for the elevation and azimuth.

Use the given elevation coordinates to set the up and down position of your dish. Use the given azimuth coordinates to set the side to side position of your dish.

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