What Is DirecTV Deca?

By Robert Godard

DirecTV receives programming via an installed dish.
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DirecTV Deca is an adapter that can be used to extend the functionality of your DirecTV unit and gain faster internet access. DirecTV Deca systems are integrated into newer models of DirecTV boxes, but it can also be purchased separately. DirecTV Deca works by handling connections from your box and Internet connection.


The purpose of the Deca adapter is to attach your DirecTV box to the Internet, which gives you excess to several features. Connect to DVR boxes using this connection, or access extra Video On Demand programming through the Internet connection. Deca is required for multi-room viewing. A Deca unit is not necessary in every room, but is needed in at least one unit to gain DVR and On Demand functionality.


The Deca package comes with three components. The first is the Deca Adapter, which connects an Ethernet connection to a coaxial cable so that your DirecTV box can be connected to the Internet. The next part is a splitter, which is used to split your cable internet connection so that it can be attached to both your Internet modem and to your receivers, or to multiple receivers at once. Last is the power supply, which powers the device.


The Deca adapter is made for an SWM (Single Wire Multiswitch) connection with your satellite dish. This is available on most newer receivers and almost all current HD receivers, but may need an adapter for use with older SD Receivers. The HR20-100 and H20 require an extra adapter, a band-pass filter, to work properly with the Deca adapter. The receivers are connected first to the band-pass filter, which is then connected to the Deca.


The newest models of receivers from DirecTV, such as the H24-100, has Deca already built into it. This allows you to connect your Internet connection straight into your receiver and pull any of your DVR recordings onto that receiver. This also means that all of these newer receivers are multi-room viewing right out of the box, and extended Internet functionality no longer requires the purchase of an external adapter.