Direct TV HD DVR User Guide

by Nicole Alexander

DirecTV HD DVR receivers allow subscribers to the satellite service who also have an HDTV to watch and record programming. Knowing how to operate the receiver and its features properly will enhance any viewing experience.

Channel Guide

The channel guide shows a complete list of programming for up to 14 days. Access the guide by pressing the guide button located on top of the center arrow buttons. To set up a custom guide featuring channels only you want to see, press the menu button then the header marked Parental, Fav's & Setup. Under the favorites section is a tab marked setup custom 1. Every channel available will pop up in a list form when the option next to each to add to your custom channel list.


There are three ways to set up a recording through the digital video recorder, remote control computer or cell phone. Pull up the channel guide and select the program you wish to record then press the record button on your remote control. Computer users can log into their account with DirecTV at the company's website. Once logged in, pull up the online guide. Click on the programming you seek to record and select the record to receiver tab. Cell phones can access DirecTV DVR through the company's website or through the special DirecTV app for smart phones.

Live Programming

Rewind, fast forward or pause live HDTV by using the buttons that form a half-circle with the record button on the top part of your remote. This feature is active for 90 minutes of each program's broadcast. Fast forwarding of programming only works in 30 second intervals.

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