How to Get All the Digital Channels With My Analog TV

By Irving Oala

Analog television requires an antenna, but can still pick up digital signals.
i tv antennas image by JoLin from

In June 2009, all analog televisions stopped picking up signals through the air and now require a cable box or digital converter to transmit digital signals. Specific steps must be taken for analog televisions to pick digital programming. These steps will allow you to watch more channels on your analog television in a reliable digital format.

Step 1

Buy a converter box. This box will plug into just about any analog television and convert digital signals to analog signals. These boxes can be purchased at major electronics stores. Search to find one in your area.

Step 2

Attach your antenna to your converter box that is connected to your television. Adjust the antenna so that all of the basic cable channels come in clearly on the analog television set. You should now be able to watch all the channels you watched before through a digital connection.

Step 3

Subscribe to a local cable or satellite provider who will hook up cable or satellite to your converter box. This will give you all the digital channels you want to subscribe to, but not force you to have to replace your analog television. You will also be able to get rid of your antenna when you subscribe to cable or satellite service.