Digital Cameras That Come With a Remote Control

By Moriah Chesler

It's easier to take pictures of yourself with a remote controlled camera.
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A steady hand and fingers are often required when taking shots from a digital camera. A slight jolt will often lead to repeated takes. If you affix the camera on a tripod, you will increase your chances of capturing a steady shot. However, you'll still need to interact directly with the camera to press and release the shutter button. Having the ability to remotely control your camera from a distance in timed shots, close-up shots or telephoto shots can be useful. Remote controls do not come with digital cameras, but are sold as optional accessories. They are available wired, wireless or as software.

Kodak Remote Control

Kodak makes a remote control for recording videos, useful when you are want to be included in the video. This accessory is compatible with the Kodak M580 series digital camera, as well as certain Kodak digital video cameras. It has a fairly easy user interface to start and stop recording, review and delete pictures and videos and to live view the video. It can also be used to control the viewing on a HDTV.

Sony Remote Controls

Sony makes three types of wireless remote controls in their Remote Commander series and they are compatible with some of its Digital Single Lens Reflex, or DSLR, digital cameras. The RMT-DSLR1 Remote Commander is a wireless, multi-function camera and HDTV photo-viewing remote control. The RM-L1AM Alpha Remote Commander is a simple, wired, remote control with a release button to release the shutter of the camera remotely. The RM-S1AM Remote Commander extends the features of the RM-L1AM to accommodate night photography and shooting with a bulb. Compatible cameras include the Sony a560, a580, a55 and a900 DSLR cameras.

Canon Remote Controls

Canon makes two wireless and four wired-remote controllers for its digital camera products. The Remote Control RC-6 is a wireless remote control and shutter release of many of Canon's EOS and Digital Rebel series digital cameras. The Wireless Controller LC-5 has an extended range of wireless remote control. It is only compatible with the EOS series cameras.

The Remote Switch RS-60E3 comes with a two-foot cable and replicates all the operations of the camera shutter-release button. It is compatible with many of Canon's EOS and Digital Rebel series digital cameras. The Remote Switch RS-80N3 comes with a 2.6 foot-cable, mimics a shutter button, has a shutter-release lock, and is configured for telephoto shots, macro photography and bulb exposures. It is compatible with many EOS series cameras. The Remote Switch 60-T3 is an electromagnetic cable fitted with a two-foot cord and a three-pin terminal to independently control light metering and shutter release. It is compatible with many EOS series cameras.

Canon's Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 is more comprehensive. With a 2.6 foot-cable, a self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer and exposure-count setting feature, this remote controller's timer can be configured from one second to 99 hours. Its dial enables you to easily manipulate the number settings with a single thumb. It also has an illuminated LCD panel and a pocket behind it to store the camera's remote control socket cap. It is compatible with many EOS series cameras.

Nikon Remote Controls

Nikon's computer software, Camera Control Pro and Camera Control Pro 2, can remotely control almost all functions of its SLR cameras. Windows and Macintosh-compatible, this software is compatible with a wired USB or Firewire (Macintosh only) connection to the camera. Nikon makes a Wireless Transmitter WT-2 product, that enables a Nikon digital SLR camera to transmit images at high speeds to a computer through wireless LAN.

Nikon makes ML-L4 and ML-L5 remote controls that take still photos and start and stop movie recordings on its COOLPIX S1100pj digital camera. These also control movie and picture slide show viewings in projector mode. The ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control is a simpler one-button camera shutter-release controller that is compatible with a wider range of Nikon cameras, including the COOLPIX 700, D3000, D5000, D7000 and D90.

Nikon also makes wired remote controllers that are compatible with these cameras -- D3100, D5000, D7000, D90, D300s, D3S, D3X, and D700.