Different Ways to Send Text Messages

By Taunda Edwards

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A text message is a brief exchange of written words between mobile phones over cell phone networks. Just like phone calls, a text message allows people over the world to communicate. Text messages are now more advanced, where customers can send videos, pictures, songs and other types of content along with a written message.

Phone To Phone

The traditional way to send a text message is from the actual cell phone. It is necessary to have a phone that is text-message capable for the text message to be sent. Depending on the type of phone a customer has, the method is pretty simple. Most cell phones have a message option on the phone, which once she clicks the messages option, she can check her incoming and outgoing messages, or send messages as she pleases. The advantage of sending a text message from a phone is the ability to save the text message in a draft box, where the sender has the option to send the message later. Also, when sending a text message from a cell phone, the reply option is to reply to all the recipients of a text, whereas on a computer, the customer has to manually place all the numbers in because the computer does not store text messages for security reasons.

Carrier Website

Cell phone carriers give customers the opportunity to send text messages via the carrier’s website. All a customer has to do is go to the site, such as Sprint or Cincinnati Bell Wireless, and select the "send a text" option. To verify identity of the phone carrier, some sites require the customer to log into his account, and then he may go to the option of sending the message. For a customer that does not have an online account with his cell phone carrier, he may create the account at any time. However, when creating an online account, the customer needs some information, such as his contact email and physical address, and his cell phone account number which is not his cell phone number. Sending messages online with the phone carrier is free of charge, however the message may cost a customer, depending on the type of text message plan he currently has.

Online Companies

There are companies online, such as SMS Everywhere, Text’em, Google and Txt2day that allows anyone to send a text online. The difference from this service, and one offered by phone carriers is that the sender does not have to put in a cell phone number. Not all people own cell phones, but this does not prevent a person from sending a text message through one of the four companies. Txt2day requires the sender’s email address, but the others gives the sender the option to send tp an email address, so the recipient can reply to the email address if that service is available on his cell phone. These sites are also free, and an individual can send unlimited text messages.