Different Voices for a Garmin Nuvi

By Kefa Olang

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The guidance voice on a Garmin GPS is beneficial because it provides step-by-step instructions, such as when to turn and the names of streets and highways for improved trip navigation. Although a Garmin nuvi comes with a pre-set default voice, changing to a different voice is a personalization preference that customizes your GPS. In addition, downloading and installing more voices provides even more options to enhance navigation.

Step 1

Touch "Settings" on your Garmin nuvi and touch "Language." Touch "Voice" to display the voices uploaed to your GPS.

Step 2

Touch the voice you want to use. When you touch a voice, it's automatically previewed, so make sure the GPS's volume is turned up. Touch the down arrow to view additional voices.

Step 3

Touch "OK" when you select the voice you want to use. The GPS saves the changes automatically and the new voice is activated.

Step 4

Connect your Garmin nuvi to a computer using the USB data cable to install additional voices.

Step 5

Download and install the Garmin Communicator Plugin on your computer if you don't have it. The communicator allows you to install a variety of voices on your Garmin GPS.

Step 6

Launch the Garmin voices download page when the installation completes and click the "Install Now" button to install new voices to your GPS automatically.

Step 7

Disconnect the USB cable when the installation completes, and then go back to the Voice setting to change the voice on your device.