What Are the Differences in the HP Laptop Series?

By Daniel Westlake

HP has a wide variety of different models of laptops.
i laptop image by Jorge Figueiredo from Fotolia.com

HP has a wide variety of laptops to choose from, and they are all relatively inexpensive for a computer you can carry with you just about anywhere. All of these laptops have basic differences, ranging from size to capabilities to whether they are meant to be used in your home or your office.

HP Home Laptops

Laptops designed for people's homes that are made by HP have a stylishness to them, and are meant to be used for entertainment and creative activities. Some of these laptops are very standard and intended for everyday computing, with 14-to-17-inch screens, and they have all the essential features of a standard computer. Smaller, ultra-portable models of HP laptops are only 12 to 14 inches in screen size and are also lighter, allowing you to stay on the go and not be weighed down by your laptop. High-performance and Envy models allow HP users the ultimate laptop entertainment experience, with Blu-ray players, screens up to 18 inches and battery life of nearly 20 hours.

HP Business Laptops

Business laptops designed by HP are very specific to the workstation programs that may be run through them. All of these laptops have mobile broadband, but vary in weight. The heaviest, at about five pounds, and most powerful is the HP Elitebook Mobile workstation, which has professional graphics displays and ISV certifications. The Elitebook Notebook PC weighs in at just under four pounds and is also very feature rich, offering high performance for those working in a rugged IT environment. HP ProBook Notebook PC is the cheapest and most standard business PC on the HP market, yet it still has high-definition displays and audio.

Mini Laptops

Sometimes it is not necessary to have all the bulk and weight of a standard PC, which is why HP offers a variety of mini laptops. These laptops allow people to have access to a smaller, secondary computer that they can feel comfortable carrying with them everywhere they go. Even these small computers are very powerful, with 160 GB of hard drive and built-in wireless cards. Battery life varies from around five to eight hours before these mini laptops need to be plugged in again. These models range in price, with the most expensive ones being about the cost of the cheapest full-sized HP laptop.