Differences Between the Original PSP and the PSP Slim

By Aaron Parson

The PSP is Sony's first major handheld game console.
i Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Sony's launched the model PSP-1001 PlayStation Portable game console in the United States in 2005. Sony updated the design in 2007, releasing the PSP-2001 and later a minor update branded the PSP-3001.The original and re-release models, colloquially known as the "Phat" and "Slim" respectively, run the same software and are largely interchangeable, but some differences exist.


The physical design of the PSP changed significantly between the original PSP and the slim models. Sony reduced the weight and depth of the unit, while retaining the same length and screen size. The slim models also feature several relocated switches, such as the Wi-Fi switch on the top of the unit instead of the side. The Memory Stick Duo slot found on the lower-left of the original model moved to the upper-left, and features a new, more secure cover.

Software and Features

The PSP-1001, PSP-2001 and PSP-3001 share nearly all the same features and software support. All current UMD and downloaded games will run on the original model as long as users perform system updates, and all old games work on the new models. Sony added support in the slim models for using video cables to watch PSP content on a regular TV. This feature will not run work on original model PSPs, even with system updates.


The PSP-2001 model improved on the original by doubling the RAM from 32 MB to 64 MB. The increased memory benefits loading times by retaining more data in active memory, reducing the number of loads required. Because of this, new games running on PSP-1001 systems may load slower, but will still work without issue.

Battery Power

The slim PSP models feature a smaller battery to fit in the new form factor. Due to improved electronics, however, the battery life remains the same. Users can transplant PSP-1001 batteries to newer models for extra battery life, though this will prevent closing the battery cover. Due to the new battery size, Sony reduced the charging cable's output from two amps to one and a half amps.


The video screen remained unchanged between the PSP-1001 and PSP-2001. For the PSP-3001, Sony used a new display which offers a sharper image. The new screen also has a higher contrast ratio and reduced glare in well-lit areas.

UMD Drive

The original PSP features a disc tray with a slide lock. Inside the tray, a metal slot holds UMDs in the proper alignment. The UMD drives on the slim models open by pulling on a thumb tab and provide no internal slot for the discs. Instead, users place the UMDs against the back wall of the tray and close the disc in manually.