What Is the Difference in Gold HDMI Cables Vs. Normal HDMI Cables?

By Charles Watson

HDMI cables are used to connect high definition electronics to your television.
i cable image by Horticulture from Fotolia.com

High definition multimedia interface or HDMI cables are used to connect high definition electronics like a Blu-ray player and a Sony PS3 to your high definition television. HDMI is capable of supporting standard, enhanced and high definition signals as well as multi-channel audio on a single cable. These cables usually come with either gold or silver plated connectors.

Gold HDMI Cables

Gold HDMI cables come with gold plated connectors, and are said to offer better quality in your picture and sound. However only the connectors are gold plated. The wire contained in the actual cable is copper. Gold HDMI connectors may offer a higher gauge wire inside the cable itself, which is ideal for higher processor speeds (240 MHz). Gold HDMI cables are also tarnish resistant, which will offer a cleaner, neater appearance.

Sliver HDMI Cables

Silver HDMI cables either contain actual silver or some type of silver soldering that plates the connector. These cables inside are cooper just like the gold ones, and offer the same type of performance. This type of cable is ideal for processing speeds of 60MHz. to 120MHz. The silver or "regular" HDMI cables are usually considerably cheaper than the gold ones.

Knowledge is Power

Retailers go to great lengths to advertise gold plated HDMI cables. The truth however is that there is no difference in the two types of cables. Unless you are running an HDMI cable that is over 25 feet long, there will be no difference in the quality of your high definition picture and sound. Gold plated HDMI cables are more of a luxury, and are not needed to enjoy your HDTV.