Difference Between Microsoft Project Professional and Standard

By Shea Laverty

Microsoft Project 2013 is a project management program that provide a framework for planning, organizing and managing a project from inception to completion. Outside of a difference in price, there's two primary differences between Project Standard and Project Professional: resource and portfolio management tools, and in-program collaboration tools.

Resource Management

Microsoft Project Professional 2013 has several additional resource management tools, compared to Project Standard. This includes a drag-and-drop friendly interface for controlling which resources you're managing at any given time. A unified project and portfolio management system is also enabled, which increases the amount of control you have over an overall portfolio of projects, as well as the projects themselves.

Collaboration Tools

Project Professional also features built-in support for SharePoint, Microsoft's intranet, collaboration and business social networking platform. Project professional, when connected to Sharepoint, can be used to send voice calls and instant messages from within the program to colleagues, as well as transfer files and other documents between users.