What Is the Difference Between HP Cartridges 94/95 & 96/97?

By Jude Chao

HP's 94/95 and 96/97 ink cartridges work in the same printers.
i Used ink cartridges for recycling image by itsallgood from Fotolia.com

Know the differences between ink cartridges before purchasing. Hewlett-Packard (HP) 94 black and 95 tricolor ink cartridges are compatible with the same printers as HP 96 black and 97 tricolor ink cartridges, but have several differences.


HP 94 and 95 ink cartridges have lower yields than the 96 and 97 models. An HP 94 black ink cartridge yields approximately 480 pages, while the HP 96 black ink cartridge yields 860 pages, or 79 percent more. The HP 95 tricolor ink cartridge yields approximately 330 color pages to the HP 97's 560 pages, a 70 percent increase.


HP 96 and 97 ink cartridges cost more than HP 94 and 95 ink cartridges. As of August 2010, HP charges $47.99 for a combo pack containing one 94 and one 95 ink cartridge and $66.99 for a combo pack of one 96 and one 97 ink cartridge, a difference of $19, or approximately 39 percent.


Because the HP 96 and 97 ink cartridges yield 70 to 80 percent more pages for only 39 percent more money, they represent a better value than the HP 94 and 95 ink cartridges.