What Is the Difference Between a Smartphone and a Blackberry?

By Jasmine Carpenter

The Blackberry is a kind of smartphone.
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Smartphones run on various types of operating systems. Many versions have Windows Mobile installed on them, while Apple's iPhone runs on the iOS. BlackBerry phones are a kind of smartphone designed by Research In Motion (RIM) and running the BlackBerry OS. Smartphones share many features; you can access multiple email accounts, text messages, run applications and browse the Internet in addition to regular phone functions. When choosing a mobile phone, you'll have to decide which type meets your needs and budget.

Windows Mobile

The operating system on a smartphone affects the phone's capabilities, and gives the user access to applications and productivity tools. Smartphones that have advanced operating systems like Windows Mobile support multi-touch display screens and multitasking. You can find over 1,000 applications on Microsoft's Marketplace for Mobile website that can be used on various types of smartphones.

Blackberry OS

The programming language C++ was used to program the Blackberry OS. The operating system uses a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which interacts with the applications and software that is installed on the phone. The Blackberry OS is capable of carrying out multiple tasks at the same time, and supports Java mobile information device profile (MIDP) 1.0 and WAP technology. The Blackberry OS uses less power than other phones and is best suited for business purposes because of its messaging capabilities.

Tips On Purchasing A Smartphone

Try out a smartphone that you're interested in buying. Many smartphones are equipped with built-in features, such as a camera, speakerphone, voice command, media player, GPS navigation and Bluetooth. Consider the type of keyboard you feel comfortable using, especially if you frequently send text messages. Some smartphones have virtual touchscreen texting features and others have a QWERTY keyboard. If you like listening to music and watching videos, make certain that the phone has these capabilities. Ask about the smartphone's warranty, and make certain that the phone's accessories are covered. Instead of buying the phone from a cellular service provider, you may be able to find a cheaper priced model from a discount retailer, such as Best Buy.

Selecting a Provider

Choose a cellular service provider before purchasing a mobile phone. If you're replacing a mobile phone that you already own, decide whether or not to stay with your current provider or switch to a new one. Find out what type of network the cellular service provider supports, and use services, such as Billshrink.com, and MyValidas.com to gather information about various types of mobile phones, and the cost of cellular provider plans. After you have found a provider that you want to use, subscribe to a data plan with unlimited Web and messaging for your phone.