Difference Between Netzero.Com & Netzero.Net

By W.A. Leon

The difference between NetZero.com and NetZero.net is simply cosmetic.
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NetZero is an established provider of dial-up Internet access services. The company came to prominence by offering free dial-up Internet service. Today, NetZero offers a number of paid Internet service options, along with a limited, free dial-up plan.

NetZero's selection of Internet services and use of two domain names for the same website may cause consumers to ask if the company offers distinct services, depending on whether a person types NetZero.com or NetZero.net into a web browser.

NetZero.net and NetZero.com are the Same Website

NetZero.net is the default web address for NetZero. Web users who type in either NetZero.net or NetZero.com into a web browser menu bar will see the same exact website. NetZero owns the domain name NetZero.com and captures the traffic from "type-in users" by changing the domain name's settings so that users see NetZero.net in the menu bar shortly after typing in NetZero.com.

NetZero.com Redirects to NetZero.net

NetZero has set up NetZero.com to immediately change to NetZero.net in the menu bar by using a process called domain name redirection. Many people assume that the domain extension for prominent companies such as NetZero is .com, and will automatically type in "NetZero.com" into a web browser menu bar to find the company's website.

NetZero's Services

NetZero offers Internet services to customers who choose to access the Internet through a telephone landline. Landline-based Internet access costs less but are slower than DSL- or cable-based Internet services. NetZero offers a free Internet dial-up service that gives users up to 10 free hours of web usage per month. NetZero also offers DSL Internet access in limited areas.

Netzero's History

NetZero started in 1998 as a free Internet services provider. The company was able to offer free Internet access by selling advertising that would be seen by NetZero's customers. NetZero began charging users for access in 2001, depending on the number of hours a customer used NetZero's services. Today, NetZero offers 10 free hours of Internet access per month. NetZero is owned and operated by United Online, Inc., which is described on its website as "a leading provider of consumer products and services over the Internet."