What Is the Difference Between a Latitude and an Inspiron Laptop?

By Joe Friedman

Dell markets the Latitude laptop series to business users.
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Two of Dell's popular lines of laptop computers are the Latitude and Inspiron series. The differences between the two lines stems from their intended purpose. Dell intends the Latitude series for business use. The Inspiron laptop series, on the other hand, is for typical home and light office use. This difference leads to their variations in size, capabilities and power.

2011 Screen Sizes

Dell Latitude laptop screen sizes range from 11.6 inches on the M101z model to 17.3 inches on the Inspiron 17R. The Latitude's screen size begins at a lower 10.1 inches on the 2100 series and peaks with a smaller 16-inch wide screen on the Latitude Z.

2011 Processing Power

The Inspiron Duo's Intel Atom Dual Core N550 processor provides a minimum processing speed of 1.5 GHz for the line; the 15R model achieves a maximum of 2.8 GHz of processing power with the Intel Core i5 460M chip. The Latitude lines' processing speed also peaks at 2.8 GHz with the Intel Core i7 640M processor, available on the E5410, E5510 and E6410 models.

2011 Storage And Memory

Up to 640 GB of hard drive space are available on the Inspiron 15R and 17R models. With an option of 8 GB, the Inspiron 17R offers the maximum memory in an Inspiron. The most storage the Latitudes can offer is a lower 500 GB, available on the E6410 and E6510 models. For memory, the Latitude shines, however, with four models offering 8 GB.

2011 Prices

The least expensive Inspiron is the 15 model, coming in at $399.99. The most expensive is the 15R at $1,088.99. Latitude models begin similarly at $414 with the Ubuntu Latitude 2120. The Latitude E6400 XFR peaks much higher at a cost of $3,809.