What Is the Difference Between Chkdsk & Scandisk?

By Stacy Zogheib

Chkdsk and Scandisk are programs designed to check a computer's hard drive.
i computer image by Orlando Florin Rosu from Fotolia.com

New computer programs are designed and implemented constantly, which renders other previously used programs obsolete. Chkdsk is an example of a newer program that replaced a previously used one called Scandisk.


Scandisk has gradually been phased out of computers and has been replaced by Chkdsk. Scandisk was designed to scan the computer's hard drive for possible errors or problems. It was not included with any Windows versions after XP.


Chkdsk is designed to check a computer's hard drive and make sure it is functioning properly. It is a relatively simple program that runs in a small black DOS box within the Windows interface.

Using Chkdsk

Chkdsk lists and helps to correct errors on a computer's hard drive. The computer must be running in Administrator mode in order to run Chkdsk, and all other files on that drive must be closed.