What Is the Difference Between a 16GB & a 32GB iPod Touch?

By Aaron Parson

The iPod touch runs iOS, the same system as the iPhone.
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As of the fifth generation of iPod touch, Apple produces two distinct lines of its iOS-based portable music player. The original fifth generation iPod touch came out in 2012 and features 32GB or 64GB of storage, a rear-facing camera and a range of colors. A cheaper version of the iPod touch came out in 2013 with 16GB of storage. This model only comes in one color and lacks the additional camera of the more expensive version.

Storage Space

The defining distinction between 16GB and 32GB models of the iPod is their drive space. Not to be confused with RAM or active memory, the drive's memory determines how many files fit on the device. If used entirely for music, a 16GB iPod could hold around 4,000 songs. Videos and apps tend to take up far more space than individual songs, however, so if you use these features heavily, the larger model might make a better choice.

Camera Differences

The 16GB and 32GB models both have a front-facing 1.2MP camera that supports FaceTime calls over Wi-Fi. The 32GB model also has a rear-facing camera, similar to the iPhone. This camera takes pictures at 5MP, has an LED flash and has advanced features such as high dynamic range and panorama mode. The 16GB iPod touch does not have a rear-facing camera.

Physical Differences

Both models of iPod touch have the same outer dimensions and screen dimensions, as well as the same screen resolution. The silver-backed 16GB model weighs slightly less at 3.04 ounces, while the 32GB model comes in five different colors and weighs 3.10 ounces. The 32GB model also has the iPod touch loop, a stud for attaching an included wrist strap.

IPod Touch Prices

Apple's website sells the 16GB iPod touch for $229 as of 2014, while the 32GB model sells for $299. Apple also offers a 64GB model -- identical to the 32GB model aside from drive space -- which sells for $399.

System and App Information

All versions of the fifth generation iPod touch feature the same processor, same amount of RAM and same app compatibility. As long as you have room on the device, the 16GB iPod touch can run the exact same apps as the 32GB version. Both versions ship with iOS 7 installed and will support updating to iOS 8.